Improve your cancer prognosis overseas with precision medicine

Are you lost in the complex Cancer maze?

Has your hospital told there is nothing more we can do?

Are you frustrated with their watch and wait approach?

Do you know cancer treatments are not equal worldwide?

Do you know about genomic testing and how it can help you?

Have you heard about cell based immune therapies?

 Are you seeking assistance from an experienced global cancer navigator?  

For 43 years Grace Gawler has assisted patients to find the most effective cancer treatments in the world.

Her work has created long lasting collaborations with a variety of global cancer clinics who provide breakthrough treatments for cancer patients.

With her assistance and guidance patients can access the state-of-the-art precision cancer medicine.

Global Cancer Navigation Service:

Helping patients access state-of-the-art medical treatments, usually not yet available in our hospitals.

Since cancer treatments are not equal worldwide; stage IV patients regarded as palliative in one country, may be seen as curative in another country due to better resources, different rules & treatment protocols.

Precision or personalised medicine built on genomic testing and pharmacogenomics, is the right of every cancer patient. We help Grace Gawler Institute patients access these tests via a world certified Australian pathology laboratory

We help our patients access state-of-the-art genomic diagnostic and screening tests which can accurately identify targeted treatments for cancer patients – these are not routinely used in most hospitals. 

The tests lay the foundation for precision medicine, also called personalised or targeted medicine.

As a bonus: pharmacogenomic tests can determine whether the patient can metabolise (digest/absorb) the identified target treatment successfully.

These two tests have revolutionised cancer medicine with targeted treatments achieving better outcomes with minimal side effects.

Another of the core treatments responsible for exceptional outcomes for many of our stage IV patients is a unique blood-based immune therapy.

NOTE: the blood and blood tumour based therapies are safer and more predictable than the current group of drug based immune therapies now widely promoted in the industry – distributed by big pharmaceutical companies.

We help our patients access these immune therapies via the world leader in this science. Be sure to visit our testimonial page for more information. See orange button below.

If you are interested in learning more about our cancer navigation service we recommend you study our informational website thoroughly.

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