Cell Based Immunotherapy is Safe and Efficient

All Grace Gawler Institute long term cancer survivors have benefited from our Japanese expert’s three decades of experience with cell-based immunotherapy. (safer, kinder than drug-based immunotherapy) 

You can benefit too.

Our colleague, a Japanese professor, often called the Father of Immunotherapy in Asia, is held by strict govt regulations for quality control of cells proliferated in his Laboratory. He has a patented technique for safely producing immune cells.

CAUTION: Not all cell-based therapies are of equal quality. Beware of copy cat clinics. ASK GRACE

About cancer vaccine (cell-based immunotherapy) treatments: The vaccines are made from your own immune system. Cells are harvested from your blood, transported to a high-tech laboratory where your personalised cancer vaccine is created. The vaccines significantly increase activity & function of your NK (natural killer cells) & DC (dendritic cells).  The immune cells are now retrained to seek and destroy cancer cells like a heat seeking missile.

For 3+ decades more that 10,000 cancer patients have benefited from this safe high-tech Japanese cancer vaccine treatment. With cell-based immunotherapy – unlike drug-based immunotherapy, there are no side effects.

The Grace Gawler Institute has referred patients to our Japanese colleague for many years because he is the established pioneer and world expert of cell based immune therapy

WHY consider Cell-Based Immune Therapy with our overseas colleagues?

The Grace Gawler Institute understands that cancer patients desire minimally invasive, personalised & effective value add treatments. Cell-based immune therapy fits this requirement offering increased well-being, immune restoration & the retraining of their immune system.

Applications: Immune restoration is particularly helpful after standard cancer treatments that can negatively impact bone marrow, quality of life & well-being.

Another reason we refer patients for Cell-based Immune Therapy is because some patients are intolerant to standard cancer medicine. They experience reduced life quality & sometimes crippling side effects.

This is particularly important for patients over 60 years as the ageing process means they will likely have a higher incidence of side effects.
(See Minimally Invasive Cancer Treatments for older Australians & New Zealanders)

Cell based immune therapy can help repair damage to your immune system whilst restoring cell memory of how to fight cancer.

It is a complicated process to produce safe & effective vaccines for each patient.  Safety of cells produced is a key factor which is why the Grace Gawler Institute  refers our clients to a highly qualified Japanese Professor of immunology – an MD PhD who has delivered cell-based cancer vaccines to patients since the early 1990’s.

The facility where patients receive their vaccines is a day clinic – but associations with a large hospital means that patients with large tumour volume who need treatment within a medical facility are also catered for.

Sometimes for patients with a high cancer burden, low dose immune-stimulating chemotherapy or targeted cancer treatments can be provided in combination with local hyperthermia. (see testimonials)

After cell based immune therapy, your invigorated immune system can destroy circulating tumour stem cells; something CHEMOTHERAPY CANNOT ACHIEVE.

The Grace Gawler Institute believes patients should be well informed regarding immunotherapies…
Few patients and doctors know there is a great difference between cell-based & drug-based immune therapies now heavily promoted in Australia & New Zealand. This knowledge alone may help you avoid debilitating side-effects. 

You should know about the severe unpredictable side effects, short & long term caused by drug-based  immunotherapies like Keytruda, CAR T Cell etc: see dangers-of-drug-based-immune-therapies-references/

Risk awareness in AU & NZ regarding side effects of drug-based immunotherapies, lags behind the USA. Litigation for deaths & damages from these therapies is increasing. see keytruda-litigation-controversy